KG Pet Spray for Mange, Fleas, Mites and Skin Problems. Pesticide & Chemical Free. 1000 ml from Natural Enzymes

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Product Description

Pet-r-us Best Pet online Store are proud to stock the excellent KG Pet Spray for Mange, Fleas, Mites and Skin Problems. Pesticide & Chemical Free. 1000 ml.

With so many on offer right now, it is great to have a make you can trust. The KG Pet Spray for Mange, Fleas, Mites and Skin Problems. Pesticide & Chemical Free. 1000 ml is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition.

For this price, the KG Pet Spray for Mange, Fleas, Mites and Skin Problems. Pesticide & Chemical Free. 1000 ml is highly recommended and is a regular choice for many people. Natural Enzymes have included some great touches and this results in great value.

Manufacturer Description

I would not normally bother to write reviews for items I have bought online, however, in this case, I feel I absolutely must.This product has quite literally saved my life plus the lives of my two dogs and six cats. We have all been suffering from sarcoptic mange courtesy of a local fox. My pets have been diagnosed by a Vet and myself by a private Dermatologist. As this has been ongoing for almost three years I have spent many thousands of pounds trying to cure my pets and myself. I tried endless chemicals via the Vet in a bid to help my pets. More chemicals than I had used in the previous 25 years of dog/cat ownership, such was my despair. The options for my pets had been exhausted and even taking oral ivermectin tablets only provided temporary relief for me. I was advised on the basis of "quality of life" to consider ending the lives of my pets. Honestly, I could see no point in carrying on without them since they mean everything to me. I was on the verge of putting all eight to sleep, a prospect which was deeply distressing to me when I came across KG on Amazon. I just thought "well it's worth a try, what do I have to lose" so I bought a bottle. After two days of using KG the difference was like night and day - I couldn't believe it. The relief was indescribable, what a difference in such a short space of time! For the first time in so very long, I felt like a human being again. Imagine my joy when I discovered that not only could it be used on people and dogs but cats too. Any cat owners out there will know how difficult it is to buy products that are safe for cats as so many things that you can safely use on dogs are toxic to cats. We are all now into our third week of treatment and are already feeling the benefits. If only I'd come across KG when the problem first started it would have saved us all a great deal of trauma. THANK YOU SO MUCH. How glad am I that I gave KG a go. It has, quite literally, saved my life. Pippa Jones, Telford, UK

Product Features

KG Pet Spray is Natural and Chemical Free. It is Effective in Eliminating Mange, Fleas, Ticks, Mites and Itchy Skin Problems, that your Dog, Cat, Rabbit or other Furry Pets may be suffering with. KG Pet Spray can be used for mothers to be and directly after giving birth to their litter. Also on puppies, this is because all KG Pet Products are chemical free, pesticide free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. KG Pet Spray contains no Sodium Laureth Sulphate or parabens as you would expect in your household and other pet shampoos and sprays. It is well known these can cause irritation to the skin. KG Pet Spray Is safe for your pet and young pup's. Made from natural ingredients it is chemical Free, Pesticide Free and bio-degradable, so will not harm nature. Available in sizes 250ml, 500ml,1000ml, 2000ml, 5000ml. 1000ml is only for a small/medium pet dog/cat/rabbit. Larger sized bottles are available for larger pets.

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